Why are you not achieving your goals successfully?

Have you ever made a goal and became frustrated with it? Have you ever set a goal and stopped before you got it? You must know the powerful strategies of “successful goals” to ensure that your goal manifests successfully.

Does your goals make you unhappy?
Have you ever made a goal and became frustrated with it?
Do you get stuck with your strategies for setting goals?

This is the time to learn better strategies that will bring you to success right away, while having fun in the process of getting there, because if you apply this advice, you’ll get there! But First you have to set aim targeting successful goal.

First Set Your successful goal

A goal is something that you want or something that you want to change in your life. It is actually a project that you can manage in a smart way so that you will eventually find where you want to be when you expressed your goal and started taking steps to make it happen. But first it starts in your mind and taking better thinking strategies, followed by powerful action, will actually ensure your success, what is what you want … not and lastly setting a successful goal.

Many if not most people make good intentions and set goals to stop shortly afterwards because they feel unhappy and frustrated. The reason is that they are constantly comparing their actual unsatisfactory situation with the ideal goal they want to achieve and the only thing they can see is the big gap between the two places. You feel unhappy and you spend a lot of energy keeping you constantly motivated when you don’t feel like doing something, because it is impossible to always be motivated. And soon you stopped!

In other words, if you postpone any form of satisfaction or feelings of satisfaction until the ideal goal is fully achieved, you are actually making sure that you will not reach your goal. Some goals cannot be achieved overnight, so the more you postpone the good feelings you think you have when you reach your final goal, the harder it becomes to achieve. It’s that simple!

There is another aspect of setting failed goals, beware! If you decide that you are only a success and only if you make this £ 30 or if you are a millionaire, perhaps when you buy that Mercedes and leave it on your way, then you are in a place where there is no escape, because you will keep good feelings from yourself to continue … unless you do it as I am going to share with you.

If you wanted to cross a river, you would use a bridge to keep going until you reach the other side and if you want to grab something that is on a high board, you would use a ladder, so why achieve a goal differently? This is what we call, setting successful goals.

What can you do differently and right now to ensure that your goals are achieved successfully and with pleasure?

Choose a goal: what do you want, set up a successful goal ?

It can be anything, but let’s take the example of a weight loss goal.

Solution 1: make a power decision. What is the first thing you will notice when you are on your way to your goal? What is the first success?
You want to pay 20 pounds, so if you find yourself losing 2 pounds on the road, congratulate yourself and keep going. Do more of the things you notice that lead to success.

Build a bridge between where you were when you started and your ultimate goal. You just take smaller steps and these small goals are easy to achieve. The result will surprise you because it leads you directly to your desired big goal. Keep going and keep rewarding yourself and feeling good about what you have already achieved while you are sure that you will sooner or later be at your final destination!

Solution 2: Keep a journal of your progress and successes on the way to your goal. People often forget what they have already achieved and where they were when they started their journey to a goal, so by keeping everything written down, you can go back at any time and see how far you’ve come and that will stop you track and very motivated. It makes the whole project fun and worth it to go for.

These two important strategies show you that you are a success and that you do not have to wait until the end result makes you feel good or about yourself. In fact, whatever feelings you think or think you will have when your goal has manifested itself in the real world, start your way by having them right now and then building your bridge to success.

What you have learned so far to successfully achieve a goal is this: it is very useful to have a concrete and easy way to keep track of your progress. Find a way to make your goal as concrete as possible and divide it into smaller steps that you can successfully achieve.

And to make your goal performance even easier and more successful, follow these steps:

  • Choose a goal
  • Check if the goal is good for you and will enrich your life
  • Find the resources that will help you reach your goal: information, people to help you, advice …
  • Give priority to your goal so that you keep hitting your goal until you finally hit it
  • Follow your goal, the progress and success diary helps you with that
  • The freedom to change your goal or even ignore it if you no longer want it or if it no longer suits you

What now? If you have goals that you have already started, make them easy to follow and start your progress and success diary. Walk step by step across the bridge, until your ultimate success!