Top 10 Narendra Modi Quotes

Narendra Damodardas Modi is India’s 14th Prime Minister since 2014. He was the prime minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014 and is a member of parliament for Varanasi.

Here are some of his, Top 10 Narendra Modi Quotes –

  1. The strength of the saviour is much more than the strength of the person who kills.
  2. Each one of us has both; good and evil virtues. Those who decide to focus on the good ones succeed in life.
  3. Each of has a natural instinct to rise like a flame. Lets nurture that instinct.
  4. “Hard work never brings fatigue. It brings satisfaction.”
  5. Maana ki Andhera he, Lekin Diya jalana kahan mana he.
  6. All religions and all communities have the same rights, and it is my responsibility to ensure their complete and total protection. My government will not tolerate or accept any discrimination based on caste, creed and religion.
  7. Good governance with good intentions is the hallmark of our government. Implementation with integrity is our core passion.
  8. Social media is reducing social barriers. It connects people on the strength of human values, not identities.
  9. Information, education, skills, healthcare, livelihood, financial inclusion, small and village enterprises, opportunities for women, conservation of natural resources, distributed clean energy – entirely new possibilities have emerged to change the development model.
  10. We will naturally pursue our goals on the strength of our own resources, skills and enterprise. But, we know that we will be more successful when we do this in partnership with the world.

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